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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site. I developed this web site in order to ask for your financial support. I am in debt at about $16,000 after a series of unfortunate events and thought it wouldn't hurt to ask for donations. Let me tell you my story, so you will have the background on how I got to where I am now.

Well, first of all let me just say, that I am putting the blame for my financial situation on no one. I have no grudges against anyone and feel that everyone in their life goes through some type of financial hardship at some point or another.

Well, it all started when my husband and I separated back in 1997. My ex-husband was in the US Army and we were stationed in Germany along with our two children who were 5 and 6 years old at the time. My ex-husband was a Sergeant in the US Army and I was a US Army veteran, but worked as a civilian at the Central Issue Facility while we lived in Germany. When we separated, my children and I moved back to North Carolina, to stay with my father until I got back on my feet (my mother had died back in 1991 from ovarian cancer. A very unfortunate story, maybe I will write the story about her and post it soon). My children and I stayed in the bedroom that was once mine as a teenager. My father was a great help and did whatever he could for us. I will forever owe my father for all he has done for me over the years.

Of course, I got lonely and couldn't go out very often with two children, so I took up chatting on the internet as a way to meet new people and have someone to talk to. After a very short time, I met someone and the sparks began to fly right off the bat. We had so much in common and feel in love through learning everything about each other. After chatting on the internet for about 4 months we finally decided to talk on the phone for the first time, which turned out to be amazing to just hear his voice for the first time. Then the time came to meet! We had known each other for 7 months up to this point and decided to meet at Virginia Beach, VA. Well, let me tell you! When I told my dad about this meeting, he thought I had lost my mind. He couldn't conceive of anyone meeting off of the internet. I finally got a chance to explain to him, how much in love we both already were and that we had been talking for 7 months already. With my father being a retired Chief of police, he didn't let me go without first doing a background check on my new found friend, AND...GET THIS, making me carry a gun in the dash of my car! But, I understood how he felt, with myself being a parent also, I would be very concerned with my own children. So, I agreed and had the most amazing week of my entire life. I had met my first true love and last true love as of this date. Myself and my children ended up moving to Massachusetts where my new boyfriend was from and I wish I could say lived happily ever after, but I will explain that later. Now let me get to one of the reasons I am in so much debt now.

Once in Massachusetts, I started Medical Assisting school and was getting up at 4 am to deliver newspapers for a living. Then during tax season of 1998, I received a W-2 in the mail from the US Army. It said I made over $2,400 for that year. What? I was very confused at first. I had only worked until the end of January 1997 with the Army, and made only about $1,600. I called the Army's accounting office to find out what happened, and low and behold they put me back in the system and paying me as if I never left. On, top of the extra $800, they had paid me, there was about $3,000 more for the year 1998, as they were still paying me. You all may think, WOW! This should be great, getting paid for not working...well, guess where the money was going? NOT TO ME! Let me explain, When I left my ex-husband in Germany, he was supposed to close our joint account and open his own individual account. He never did. The money the Army was overpaying me, was going into this account, that my ex-husband was still using, and using he was! He ended up spending all of this money and denying every bit of it. I talked to the Army's defense accounting office to try and straighten it out and explained my whole situation. One lady I spoke to was very nice and agreed to send my ex-husband a letter demanding he repay it. But, she said, if he didn't repay it, then it would be my responsibility. Since my name was still on the account, there was not anything more they could do. Well, my ex-husband still denied it, even after I closed the account, got all the bank statements, and had proof of when and where the money was getting drawn out from. I had done all I could do. The Army came after me to repay and I had nothing to give them. Yes, I was very resentful at my ex-husband for years after this incident, but have now come to forgive and forget, all the while still repaying this debt.

Now it is up to the year 2001, My boyfriend from Massachusetts and I started having some rocky times, but nothing I could see was really terrible. I loved him with all my heart and I just knew he was the love of my life. Well, he came to me one day and said he didn't love me like he used to. I tried to talk it out with him, but soon found out there was not much use. I was going to school full time at this point and he was fully supporting us.  I had to move out, but didn't know what to do because of school and the kids. Yep! Here comes my father  to the rescue, once again (God love his soul). He loaned me the money to get an apartment. I move out, but with it being right in the middle of a semester, I found it very hard to find a job right away. So, now I am in financial trouble again, still have this debt to the Army over my head, moving out on my own without a job, and now have four extra credit cards, and a car payment  to go along with the rest. Keep in mind now, I had no credit cards coming into the relationship with my now, ex-boyfriend, but once together we decided to get one here and one there over he years to pay for mine and his children's Christmas's over the years. He had two kids as well as myself having two kids. Well, the credit cards were all in my name, because he had once filed for Bankruptcy and couldn't get any. Now at this time I am in debt at about $20,000. I am finding it very hard to make ends meet, so here I have to start thinking of the kids. Christmas is arriving very soon, and I knew I would have nothing to give them. I spoke to their father and we decided to have them visit him in Germany for a few months, with the agreement that they come back to me as soon as I am back on my feet again. Well, it was the hardest thing I ever did, but I sent them to their fathers. Soon, the semester at school ended and I found a full time job. I got along okay for awhile and even let a student from Turkey move in with me to help out on some of the bills in the meantime. I was working as a Medical Assistant full time and going to school 3 nights a week. When that semester ended the student that was living with me, left to go back home to turkey, leaving me with a $700 phone bill. YES! $700, all calls to her family IN Turkey! On top of that, she didn't pay her half of that months utilities. Yes I called every phone number on the phone bill and after 5 months of harassing her to pay me, she finally sent me $500, only about half of what she really owed. I gave up and decided to drop it after that.

My daughter finally came back home to live with me in July of 2002, but my son decided to stay with his father for awhile longer. He is still there now and I still do not know when he is coming back home. I pray everyday that he will come back home soon. I miss him very much.

Well, After a few hard years of living up north and getting myself in debt more and more I finally come to my senses and decided to move back home to North Carolina in February of 2003. Once again, my father has come to my rescue and is letting  us live in his weekend house he has at the Lake. I am grateful, for there is no rent, but I do have to pay all utilities, car, and bills from the past.

Since being back in North Carolina, my daughter and I go to church regularly and I help out with whatever we can within our church. We are both born again Christians as of March 16, 2003, and very proud of it.

I got a job at a Doctor's office as a Medical Assistant in April and was doing okay up until I decided to see the doctor I was working for as a patient. I was having some pains in my neck and decided it would be easier to see her instead of getting off of work to go see my regular doctor. Everyone in the office did this same thing in order not to miss any work, so I felt this would not cause any harm. Well, as we all know, when you go to see a new doctor for the first time, you have to fill out a medical information form. I had been treated for Clinical Depression in the past and had to record this in my chart, not knowing the consequences of it. For those of you who does not know, Clinical Depression is described as a chemical imbalance in the brain which can cause some memory loss, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, etc. When I saw the doctor, she quickly told me that the neck pain could be stress, then quickly jumped to the part in  my chart that stated I had been treated for Clinical Depression. She said that I was showing symptoms of Clinical Depression and basically had 2 weeks to get it together and straighten up my act or else. She put me down left and right and handed me some depression pills to try in the meantime. First of all, if she expected me to take these pills, they usually do not even show any signs of help until at least 1-2 weeks. She said she wanted me to see a Psychologist in 1 week, which she called to set up the appointment for me. This doctor's office I was working in is an extremely busy office. I am talking 3 doctors working there and about 70 patients going through daily. I had never gotten off on time the whole time I was there and usually worked over 1 1/2 hours every night after work, just to stay caught up on my phone calls to patients, because there was just no time during the day. Everyone there had some trouble keeping up in one form or another and there was things forgotten by many of the employees often. I may have forgotten or just not heard a few smalls things, but never anything major. And yes I was sometimes tired, but never ever let that interfere with my job. I kept on running as hard to get things done as I had to.

There was one personality trait about me, that I think may have had a big interference here, I was not like everyone else. I am a born again Christian, so, no I did not participate in many things that was said or done within the office. I was more of a quite person and kept to myself. I didn't have any enemies and was always nice to everyone, but I was the outcast, so to speak. I didn't socialize very much, only worked hard to do my job. Well, I went to see the Psychologist just as my doctor/employer had requested, for I knew if I didn't, this would very possibly cost me my job. When I saw her, I explained all the details of what my doctor/employer had told me the week before and explained some of my past and my previous treatments for clinical depression. The psychologist told me this did not sound like a place I should be. She though what my doctor/employer had said to me and was threatening me with was wrong. The Psychologist recommended I take a few days medical leave in order to go to someone who could get me back onto my previous medication and also to look for another job if I wanted. I let her know that my doctor would not be happy with this at all and would be very mad at me for even recommending it. The Psychologist insisted this is something I needed to do. She said she was going to call the office and speak to my doctor/employer personally to request the medical leave. Well, I went back to work that day and was on pins and needles for the rest of that day and the next waiting for that call from the Psychologist to come in. She called the next morning and I was nervous about what my doctor/employer was going to say when she came out of her office. The time finally came. She came out of her office as if nothing happened. She was fine, that is up until that evening after work. Just before I was about to leave, she called me in her office and told me she was giving me an option. She said she had never giving this option to anyone before and felt this was best for me. She told me, she could either fire me, of force me to resign. WOW! I was so shocked! The time had come...she was letting me go!! Every bad emotion I could think of started to run through me, but mostly utter sadness. She told me, if she fired me, yes I would have the option of drawing unemployment, but she would not be able to give me a good reference if and employer called her for one. If I resigned, she said, she would give me a good reference, as long as it didn't pertain to this exact job I was doing at her office. But, she put in...if I resign, and they ever needed any help, she could put me on a list to call and work for them as a fill in. I couldn't believe this. She was letting me go, but offering to call me to help when they needed it. This didn't make any since. She told me, if I wrote a resignation letter and got it back to her as soon as possible, she would get my check in the mail to me before the original pay day. I walked out of that office on that Thursday afternoon feeling like the lowest person on earth.

Well, now here we come back to this again. I am out of a job, and behind on bills. About $16,000 all together. If you feel lead by my story to help out, then I know God will bless you. If you are not able to help, all I ask it to keep my daughter and myself in your prayers. I know God has a plan for us, and this is all part of his plan. As I said before, I have come to terms with all the unfortunate circumstances in my life and forgiven anyone that has not done right. I know God lets unfortunate this happen in everyone's lives to give them strength through everything they will someday face. I thank God and give him all the honor and glory for everything I am and where I am today.

You can send any donations to:
176 4th Avenue
New London, NC 28127

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Thank you for all your support and God Bless you!